I highly recommend working with Lianne Krakauer. When I started my Leadership Coaching program, I didn’t have the self-confidence and didn’t feel I had the leadership skills to consider an executive level position. Lianne’s Leadership Coaching program was instrumental in strengthening my self-confidence and helped me fine-tune the leadership skills needed to move from a senior management role to an executive level position. – Senior Leader & Counsel, Investment Company

Lianne combines deep expertise in coaching with deep empathy and compassion. She is able to ask the right questions to bring about insight and change. As a mentor she modelled excellence in coaching while helping to guide me towards self discovery. I feel much more equipped to move forward in my own coaching practice after having worked with Lianne and would enthusiastically recommend to her to anyone looking to make positive change in either their personal or professional life or both. – M.C.

Terri is an outstanding coach and human being. She has great empathy for her clients and ensures that you know how to highlight your most important skills to shine in any interview process. She is exceptional at perfecting your materials (to get the interview) and then helps you seamlessly navigate the interview to land the job of your dreams. In under two months (with a challenging market), coming from private practice out of a large national firm, I was eager to land in-house somewhere that would make me happy. I landed multiple job opportunities with Terri’s assistance, and ultimately ended up in-house in an organization that is extremely important to myself and my family in the exact field that I am supposed to be in. Terri’s coaching made this possible for me. I am very grateful to Terri and anyone would be lucky to work with her to navigate the legal job market. — N.F., Lawyer

I contacted Lianne’s team thinking that I needed a new job, or that a full-time position with a more impressive title would make me happy. Working with Terri made me realize that I actually wanted a range of opportunities, and that I needed to be thinking about my professional life in fuller, richer terms. The entire coaching process was supportive, professional, smart, and very effective in helping me see my professional life in more unconventional ways. – E.W.

Coaching gave me a safe place to discuss my lofty dreams and ambitions and what it takes to get it to the next level. Terri was able to challenge my thought processes in a reflective and positive manner. I have much better clarity on what I am trying to accomplish and how i should get there, with a much more specific and actionable plan. My confidence is better, I learned about resiliency and accountability, and I can visualize success! I feel very fortunate for the time spent with Terri! – J.L., Marketing and Music

I signed up for Leadership Coaching as a reaction to a professional crisis. Coaching was a lot more ‘work’ than anticipated but was based on a path we forged together and primarily from my self discoveries. I am now much better acquainted with my own values and motivations. I apply habits and discoveries every day and while progress is not linear I’ve learned to be more resilient so setbacks aren’t as discouraging. I have become quite successful in my new organization – gaining a promotion and a team as well as being a leading influence in how the organization needs to change. Thanks so much to Terri for helping me unlock my own potential. – Snr Product Manager

Coaching with Anne was really life-changing. She gave me the tools to explore different options, to critically evaluate them, to trouble-shoot difficult scenarios, and to find what works for me. As a result of coaching I am living and working in a healthier way, feeling stronger, making better decisions for myself and happy.” – Jen, Professor

I appreciate all the help that Terri provided to me. She guided me through a very difficult period of my life. With her help, I learned how to handle challenges while remaining professional and be confident to explore new opportunities. I am very grateful that I was matched with Terri and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to succeed at the highest levels and needs someone skilled and trustworthy to help him/her get there. – AS, Lawyer

Terri was a great coach! She was very responsive to emails and flexible with scheduling. She was very kind and professional. I felt comfortable talking to her and trusted her opinion on things. The coaching I received allowed me to feel confident in my career decisions and also build skills that will continue to assist in my professional development. Terri was knowledgeable about where I was at in my career and able to provide me with the insight and guidance I needed to take that next step. I am so happy with where I am at now! – KM, Lawyer, Private Practice

Working with Lianne was such a positive experience for me in my career transition from practicing law to finding a policy role. Lianne helped me discover and articulate what I was looking for in a role and helped me develop a plan to reach my goal of finding a new job within a three-month time frame. Her feedback was invaluable and her approach to such a stressful and life-changing path was calming – she became my trusted advisor whose insights gave me many “aha!” moments. Lianne gave me practical tips of how to achieve work/life balance, effectively and authentically network and find a job that was suited to my interests, skills and personality. While I have found a new job that I am very excited about, I plan to continue to work with Lianne so that my efforts in navigating my career are deliberate and focused. We spend so much time at our jobs that settling for being unhappy at work was simply not an option for me. No matter what career stage you are at, I would enthusiastically recommend working with Lianne. – CF, Lawyer/Policy Advisor

I feel like everything has just come together for me and the journey to this point really started when I made my first appointment to see Lianne. I now have a new job in an area that I am really excited about, I have gotten some great experience interviewing, I have improved my cover letter and resume, and I am on a great system with some of my home life that will make the transition back to work much easier. To top it all off, I have the summer months to just enjoy with my kids. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. – JL, Lawyer

There is no better satisfaction than feeling proud of what you have accomplished each day. Lianne helped me understand that we can only find success in life by doing what we are passionate about. Today after a few months of applying all of her teachings and advice I could only say ~ THANK YOU Lianne! – Diana, Self-employed

Lianne’s encouragement and pointed questions allowed me to explore my thoughts and experiences, while providing advice and support. I learned to trust in myself and my instincts. I feel much more confident that I can do something that will fit my skills and interests, and head toward my “dream” career. Meeting regularly with Lianne kept me working towards my goals and a more ideal work environment. I would definitely come see Lianne again when I am ready to take another step in my career journey! – Jenn, Lawyer

Lianne’s coaching expertise got me through a career transition during a very vulnerable time in my life. Lianne helped me to identify my core values, and at a time when I was ready to abandon these values, she persuaded me not to and did so with grace and authority. She instinctually knew where I should focus my efforts. She made herself available on short notice when I needed to gather my thoughts, make some quick decisions, and properly evaluate an opportunity. She offered professional judgements at a depth I did not have. Her coaching was nurturing yet directive. Although I am very satisfied in my current job, I do look forward to working with Lianne again. – Maggie, Supervisor

Working with Lianne was very affirming, encouraging and had an energizing effect on me, like there was new wind in my sails. After just a few sessions with Lianne, I was able to organize my thinking about where I wanted to go, and identify and take the next steps. I found a job in a completely new legal area in a new industry and am enjoying it. I believe our sessions were an essential stepping stone for me. – Lawyer

Terri was terrific! She listened to my struggles and challenges and gave suggestions for improvement and change. She pointed out things about me and my situation that I didn’t even realize myself. I left each session and the entire experience motivated and excited. – Executive Director, Nonprofit Organization

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