I went to see Lianne hopeful for clarity on my career future. I had been working in marketing for almost 10 years and didn’t envision a future in the field, but didn’t know where else to look. My father was quite ill at the time and it made things much more difficult working in a field I lacked passion for and made me consider life was too short to hold off any longer on making a change. Through our few months working together, I was able to gain clarity on my interests, passions, personality type, and to distil my choice of a career “fit” into one very clear path: that of career development, funny enough! The key being, I really had to work at it. Lianne was not going to give me the magic answer; I needed to put in the time to find the answer and make sure it worked for me.  I took Lianne’s advice to research possible contacts I could reach out to and was able to successfully find a program that suited my transition, while continuing to volunteer and network. I am proud to say that Lianne gave me the insight and the “push” I needed to make my career change. I am now working at the Career Centre at a University and am thrilled! Thank you Lianne for your help through this journey. You kept me focused during a time of such uncertainty.

–          DKB, Marketing Professional turned Career Development Professional, 31 years