As my articling term at a government office was wrapping up, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of looking for a new job. I was uncertain about what my next career move should be, and I wasn’t confident in my ability to network to get a job I would be able to tolerate, let alone enjoy.  I had convinced myself that my efforts would be best spent trying to obtain a job I had a good chance of getting, as opposed to a job I might be passionate about.

Meeting with Lianne really helped me to determine a strong strategy at the outset of my search. She encouraged me not to settle so quickly, and she helped me to identify and articulate areas where my strengths and talents would be valued. I am a pretty self-aware person, and I don’t always get a lot out of those sorts of exercises – but in this case I found them very worthwhile and informative. Ultimately, Lianne challenged me to think about what I wanted to do, as opposed to allowing me to settle for the job I thought I could get. Our discussions really helped me build the confidence I needed in the search process – it actually made the job search and networking process fun! Lianne also helped me warm up to networking by introducing me to a few people from her network who were fascinating to talk to and who really provided me some great tips.

I have now been in my new role as an associate at a small firm in downtown Toronto doing primarily immigration and refugee law for two months and I could not be more pleased at how my career has launched, post-articling. My sessions with Lianne were totally worthwhile. She has a wealth of knowledge and great perspective for lawyers early on in their careers.

–          A.W., Lawyer, 30