It sounds like hyperbole but it’s the truth. I walked into my first coaching session with Lianne feeling completely lost. For years, I’d felt that the contributions I was making to the world and my community were totally meaningless and that I had very little to offer.  The pressure I was under seemed insurmountable and I was ready to break under the weight of it.

Now, a few months and five sessions later, I feel valuable, capable and (mostly) at ease. The funny thing? I didn’t change anything about my job or my obligations! Lianne gently but skillfully connected me to the things that I find most important and I realized many of my needs could be met within my current structure. The stressors that I felt were unmanageable were easy to alleviate when Lianne helped me recognize their root.

Today, I have a lot of tools that allow me to see clearly how to pair my innate and learned skills with my current priorities and obligations. And I have a ton of hope for the future. I am really clear about what is most important to me, what my strengths and challenges are, where I’m willing to compromise and where I want to hold strong. I have an extremely clear vision of my own value and what I can do to stay graceful under pressure.

Lianne doesn’t tell you what to do. She helps you hear the voice inside that already knows. Without Lianne’s coaching, I’m sure I would still be battling every day with a sense of worthlessness and failure. I am so grateful for her insights, her guidance, and the knowledge and tools I take with me.