Anne has been a career coach since 2007 coaching individuals from a diverse range of professions, including lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs and artists. She helps people clarify what they want for their careers, explore options, and make confident and courageous career decisions.

Anne’s goal is to offer support to anyone seeking greater personal satisfaction and meaning through their work, especially those considering “unconventional” choices that take their careers in new directions. Emphasizing personal life priorities and values, Anne supports her clients to design rewarding lives and careers on their own terms.

Her coaching style is informed by her lived experience – having navigated significant career and life changes herself.  After completing a Bachelor of Arts in history and politics, Anne discovered a passion for equality rights and — without the benefit of consulting a career coach — decided to study law. She made the best of her years at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law thanks to a few close friends, a couple of inspiring professors and two human rights internships.

After articles and six years of work experience in human rights non-profits, Anne pursued counselling training and completed her Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology. She established a private practice, while working as a part-time career advisor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law where she coached law students, recent graduates, and internationally trained lawyers. Anne has taught a career skills course and developed online self-study resources for graduate students and internationally trained lawyers, and has designed and facilitated career workshops for arts service agencies and entrepreneurs.

Anne’s passion for social justice is now expressed through volunteer work focused on climate action and equality rights.