• Personal and Professional Priorities

    To be happy and successful in your professional/leadership role, it is essential to understand what motivates you and to identify your work and life priorities. Take the time to reflect and answer these questions to the best of your ability. Please press Submit once you have completed as many as questions as are relevant to you. You can also save and come back later. You and your coach will receive a copy of your answers via email. Otherwise no one else will see your answers which will be kept private and confidential in a secure client file.
  • Draft Coaching Plan

    Use this table to capture your key objectives for coaching. Start with 3-4 objectives for now. Be specific about what you want to achieve and by when. Include your initial ideas for steps you can take in the next 30-90 days and describe the indicators of success – i.e. how will you know when your goal has been achieved? Consider this plan a work in progress and something you will revisit and revise throughout the coaching period.
  • Key ObjectivesDesired Outcome - describe what success will look likeActions StepsProgress and Challenges – what’s working / what’s not