All of our coaching programs include regular 1:1 coaching conversations, self-assessment tools, career development resources, a structured process for action planning and accountability, follow up and feedback.

A/ Career Starter: 3 sessions

Just getting started in your career or need a skill refresher to ignite your job search? This program will introduce you to the key steps and strategfies for conducting a proactive job search and build your confidence to navigate your next career move successfully.

B/ Career Explorer:  3 months

Ready to move on and feeling stuck in your current position and not sure where to go next? This program will help you to assess and clarify what you want, build a unique career profile, generate options that excite you, and begin to take the next steps to move on. Your will have a better idea of what motivates you, what you have to contribute, and how to move your career in a direction that will ultimately be more meaningful.

C/ Career Maximizer:  6 months

At a stage in your career where you want to make a significant change and fearful about whether you can make it happen? This program is for people who are gearing up for a big career or life change. It could be advancing into leadership, switching industries or sectors, going back to school, starting a business, or planning for a leave. This program will help you to set clear and courageous goals, offer a fresh perspective on how to achieve your goals, develop a roadmap for change, and work with you to overcome road blocks to keep the momentum going. By the end of six months, you will have a clear direction and action plan for creating the career and life you want!

D/ Going Solo: 6 months

Running a business can be lonely, especially if you are a first time entrepreneur! This program will help you to clarify your business vision, manage the transition into business (for first timers) or develop a growth strategy (for more seasoned entrepreneurs).  We’ll start by identifying your sources of strength – the expertise, knowledge and networks you already have developed and may be neglecting or underutilizing as a starting place for growth. We will then look at the obstacles to achieving your desired outcomes. Working together we will uncover what’s getting in your way and put together a plan for developing the tools and resources you need to be successful. By the end of six months, you will have a clearer business vision and action plan for building or growing your unique offering.

E/ Resume Builder and Interview Accelerator Program – 8 weeks
Want to make your application stand out and excel at your next interview? A customized resume builder and interview accelerator program will get your materials in great shape and ensure you know how to demonstrate you are the best candidate for the job once you land the interview. We will start with a consultation and review of your application materials and assess how you are positioning yourself as a candidate. You will receive personalized feedback, tips and strategies for how to improve your presence in writing and during an interview. Once you have submitted your application, we will design a 90 minute mock interview based on the job description and your input. Program also includes brief coaching calls to support your decision-making throughout the hiring process.

Lianne Krakauer

Lianne has experience working with entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations.

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