If you are contemplating a career change, feel stuck at work, want to better integrate work and life commitments, or seeking advancement opportunities, our coaches can help you to achieve your goals.

Consider how life would change if you truly enjoyed what you do every day and could make a living doing it!

Lianne and her team will provide you with a structured framework to clarify your career motivators, personal values, skills and interests. Working together, you will establish short and long term goals, and learn the skills you need to initiate a successful career move. Throughout the coaching period, you will receive confidential, strategic advice and objective feedback from a certified professional coach.

Outcomes to expect from coaching:

  • Identify your core values, personality strengths, skills and interests
  • Generate career options in different sectors and organizations that best suit your career profile
  • Understand the job market and how to conduct a proactive job search beyond job postings
  • Develop a presence online and in person
  • Communicate how you will contribute value to potential employers or clients
  • Conduct effective market research, learn to network and interview with impact
  • Learn strategies for managing the stress of a career change

What to expect?

Coaching involves a commitment to regular one-on-one sessions over a defined period of time – a minimum of 3 months is recommended for best results. In between coaching sessions, clients agree to follow up activities including self-assessments, reflective activities, reading material, conducting research, holding information interviews, attending professional meetings, and other steps that will move them closer to achieving their goals. Throughout the process your coach provides ongoing support, regular constructive feedback, and professional guidance.

Lianne has experience working with entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations.

Contact Lianne for more information and fees.