Whether you are a Senior Manager, Executive, or Entrepreneur you may find the challenges of your role do not leave a lot of time for reflection and thoughtful decision making about your own career direction. Working with a coach will help you to clarify what you want and how to make it happen. With each client, we provide practical guidance to develop short and long term career goals, prepare an action plan and develop the skills necessary to make a successful move. Throughout the process you will receive objective feedback, a sounding board for new ideas and a fresh perspective from an ICF accredited coach.

Our clients include professionals, senior managers, executives and business owners from various industries including law, financial services, education, healthcare, energy and the public sector.

What to expect?

Coaching involves 3-6 months of regular one-on-one sessions (in person or virtually). Our programs are designed to focus on your objectives, with a structured approach that encourages accountability and action. We believe that every individual has the capacity to learn and evolve. With this in mind, we work hard to understand what it will take for you to change direction and turn your insights into action. We are committed to your success.

Lianne has experience working with entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations.

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