For organizations undergoing significant change, retaining a career transition coach is an effective way to support people who are exiting the organization or those whose roles have changed. A coaching program provides structure and accountability, prompts new thinking and challenges people to take action.

Our professionally accredited coaches work with each individual to identify strengths and develop strategies for addressing gaps during a job search or career transition. We offer practical guidance for short and long term career planning, job search and interview coaching, and ongoing support for managing during a period of change. Throughout the process clients receive objective feedback, a sounding board for new ideas and a fresh perspective from an ICF accredited coach.

Our clients include professionals, senior managers and executives from various industries including law, financial services, academia, business and the public sector

Areas of focus for coaching include:

  • Understanding the job market and how to conduct a proactive job search
  • Identifying personal strengths, skills, values and interests
  • Communicating effectively to potential employers
  • Generating job search options in different sectors and organizations
  • Decision-making, goal-setting and action planning
  • Developing a presence online and in person
  • Researching potential opportunities beyond job postings
  • Tactical job search strategies
  • Interviewing and networking skills
  • Managing stress of a job search and/or organizational change
  • Developing a personal wellness plan during a transition

What to expect?

Career transition coaching programs are typically 6 months. Services include regular 1:1 coaching, customized feedback on application materials and online presence, mock interviews, a Career Transition Workbook with self-assessment activities and resources for conducting a proactive job search.  Every program is designed in consultation with the organization and affected individual.

Lianne has experience working with entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations.

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