Lianne Krakauer is a professional certified coach and educator who delivers interactive, engaging and fun learning experiences for diverse audiences. She is as comfortable around a boardroom table as she is speaking to students, newer professionals, senior leaders and judges!

Lianne and her team design and deliver engaging workshops and retreats with a an educational component, discussion, reflection and experiential learning.  Programs are designed according to a theme such as: learning to thrive at work, preparing for leadership, navigating your career, communicating with confidence, and coaching for leaders.

The following is a list of past and upcoming engagements. Other workshops are available upon request and can be customized to meet the learning objectives of the organization and participants.

Events open to the public include links to registration information.

Workshops and Speaking Engagement Subjects:

Society is confronting retirement like never before. In this workshop we will explore the changing demographics, mindsets and opportunities around retirement with a focus on how to create win-win solutions for employers, retiring leaders and their teams. Leveraging real-life scenarios, we’ll dive into the dual nature of retirement, from the challenges of unexpected early retirement to the possibilities of a purposeful post-retirement life. We’ll introduce the benefits of a pre-retirement coaching program, providing a safe and collaborative space for leaders and seasoned professionals to envision their retirement and plan for a meaningful next chapter. Discover why supporting leaders in their pre-retirement phase is a win-win. Learn how successful retirement transitions benefit not only retiring leaders but also the organizations they leave behind.

Vision Coaching CEO Dave Veale is joined by leadership coaches Lianne Krakauer and Chantelle Courtney to discuss the advantages of pre-retirement coaching for organizations and their senior leaders. You can watch the full video here

The best teams are made up of diverse individuals with different personalities and preferred ways of approaching their work. Understanding different workplace styles and how to work across differences enhances communication, team engagement and group culture. Using the EverythingDiSC® model, the Team Discovery Day creates a safe, collaborative learning environment where participants connect on a human level. Our highly interactive workshops consistently deliver insights about individual and group behaviours so that people learn how they can work together better and create thriving cultures. Workshops are customized for every client, designed as a half or full day event, and can be held in person or virtually. To learn more about EverythingDiSC® click here to download a brochure (PDF File)

Professionals often move into leadership roles as experts in their field, yet lack the knowledge and skill to behave as leaders. Being a skillful professional doesn’t necessarily translate into communicating powerfully, influencing or mobilizing others around a common purpose. Great leaders understand themselves well and how their behaviours impact others. They also recognize and acknowledge the differences of their team members, and know how to adapt to communicate more effectively, motivate and mobilize. Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator©, this workshop will give participants a chance to explore how they lead and contribute to the team, and how to activate and adapt their behavioural preferences to get better results.


As lawyers progress in their careers, they don’t necessarily see themselves as leaders.  It’s not uncommon for even senior lawyers to lack confidence and feel unprepared for the challenges of leadership. Being a good lawyer is not always enough to becoming a great leader. The research shows that the best leaders know and use their strengths first.  They have a keen understanding of self and others, and an ability to adapt in order to influence and motivate others. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to consider their unique leadership strengths, reflect on how they are showing up as leaders in their communities, and learn new leadership behaviours to become more effective in a legal environment.

Lawyers with specialized expertise in their field often find it difficult to  make the shift from problem-based conversations to a solution focused approach. It’s easy for them to see the obstacles and the desire to immediately fix the problem can take over. Powerful conversations encourage joint ownership and empower others to find their own solutions. Rather than focusing on the problem and telling people what to do, a powerful conversation engages both participants in how to overcome obstacles, generate new ideas, and co-create a plan. This workshop will introduce lawyers to a model that will lead to more engaging and productive conversations with staff, colleagues and clients.

Communicating with confidence starts with understanding yourself and your audience.  Using the concepts of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this workshop introduces different communication styles, and how to adapt to communicate more effectively with colleagues, employees and clients.  Participants will receive a personal interpretive report identifying their communication preferences, with tips for how to leverage their strengths, communicate across differences, and handle common pitfalls more skillfully.

Mentoring involves supporting people to develop their potential through informal learning channels and shared experience. It is a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and open communication. While mentors are often expected to lead the way, the most successful mentoring relationships empower mentees to take initiative for their career development. Mentoring is at its best when both partners are energized and learn from each other. It’s a two way street! This workshop will enhance mentoring relationships, through learning about best practices in building trust, accountability and communication.

The early years of legal practice are challenging for most lawyers, especially during times of economic and social uncertainty. External pressures to achieve a high standard of performance, a competitive environment, and unpredictable demands make it difficult to navigate professional life in a healthy way. Learning to thrive and develop resiliency skills is more important than ever. Drawing on well-being research, this workshop focuses on understanding the internal factors that contribute to career well-being: autonomy, competence, connection and core values. Building on these factors, participants will engage in reflection and dialogue for creating a successful and happy career in law; one that will sustain their well-being and enable success over the long term.

Learning to be a Coach-Leader requires a challenging paradigm shift from giving direction to getting the best out of each person on your team. Using coaching skills is a proven method for making this powerful shift. It starts by letting go of being an expert and taking a different stance in conversations with your team.  Instead of focusing on how to fix the problem, Coach-Leaders focus on how to act as a thinking partner to empower each person to come up with their own creative solutions.  Listening, asking, and challenging others to take responsibility for learning leads to powerful positive change and new behaviours.  It also builds better working relationships.  As a result of taking a Coach-Leader stance, you will notice how conversations at work become more engaging and productive, and a diversity of ideas and results will begin to emerge.

The best teams are made up of diverse individuals with different personalities and ways of approaching their work.  Understanding how to work with differences is essential for optimal team performance. Drawing on the theory of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, this workshop will introduce participants to 16 different personality types, common strengths, pitfalls that teams encounter, and practical tips for adjusting preferences to improve performance. Using a common language for work style preferences will enhance learning, decision-making, planning and working together so that team members are empowered to contribute their best and maximize their potential.

In a world where many knowledge workers and professionals are working remotely, it has become increasingly difficult to create authentic connections. Yet the research indicates that work place well-being depends upon having meaningful connections at work. When people are connected and thriving, results improve. Whether you are an executive, key contributor or entrepreneur, creating better connections with people will contribute to your business and professional success and personal happiness. In this workshop, we will share insights and tips for how anyone can create better relationships at work.

Professionals who face daily external pressures to achieve a high standard of performance in a competitive environment, with unpredictable demands rarely take the time out to consider how they are doing – until it is too late. It often takes a health scare or job loss for people to change their habits. Learning to thrive and develop resiliency skills is more important than ever. Drawing on well-being research, this workshop focuses on understanding the internal factors that contribute to career well-being: autonomy, competence, connection and core values.

Speaking engagements

February 28, 2024Team Discovery Day: DiSC© Work Place and Team Culture UnlockedPrivate event for the Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA)
October 3rd, 2023Career Well Being: Learning to Thrive in the Legal ProfessionAird & Berlis LLP (private event)
October 6th, 2022Career Well Being: Learning to Thrive in the Legal ProfessionAird & Berlis LLP (private event)
September 13, 2022Personality Type and TeamsScargall Owens-King LLP (private event)
March 8, 2022Deepening the Leadership Capacity of Women Today: A Conversation on ActionVision Coaching
March 1, 2022Career Well-Being: Learning to Thrive in the Legal ProfessionMcMillan LLP, Toronto
January 2022Communicating Effectively in a Mentor PartnershipMcMillan LLP, Toronto
June 3, 2021Networking + Interviewing in a Virtual World, For Young Women LawyersYoung Women in LawOnline - ZOOM
April 29, 2021Communicating with Confidence: Flex Your Style Vision CoachingOnline - ZOOM
February 11, 2021Discover your Style: Leadership in ActionVision CoachingOnline - ZOOM
December 2, 2020Career Well Being & Resilience for Articling StudentsAird & BerlisOnline - ZOOM
December 9, 2020Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First - Maximizing Well-being to Help OthersNALP Canadian CommitteeOnline - ZOOM
November 26, 2020Mentor Orientation ProgramRotman Executive Leadership InstituteOnline - ZOOM
November 24, 2020Coaching 101 PanelToronto Law Firm Professional Development ConsortiumOnline - ZOOM
November 17, 2020Discover Your Style: From Lawyer to LeaderWomens’ Professional Development Committee, Cassels LLPOnline - ZOOM
October 27, 2020Women on the Move: 5 Key Elements to Building a Meaningful Career Women’s Philanthropy x UJA’s Professional Divisions Online - ZOOM
February 2020Leadership Values in ActionAird & Berlis
Toronto, ON
November 2019Creating Strong Mentor RelationshipsCassels Brock LLPToronto, ON
June 14, 2019What is your Benchmark? Leadership in the Court and BeyondNational Judicial InstituteOttawa, ON
December 6, 2018Shifting Career Goals: How to change the conversation about career successNALP Canadian MeetingToronto, ON
Jan 2018 and Feb 2019Career Well Being & ResilienceAird & Berlis LLPToronto, ON
October 24, 2017Discover Your Leadership StyleUniversity of Toronto Faculty 6, FacultyLawToronto, ON
July 2017 and 2018Interviewing Techniques and Best Practices for EmployersMinden Gross LLPToronto, ON
June 27, 2017Lawyers and the Pursuit of Happiness: Strategies for SuccessCassels BrockToronto, ON
June 5, 2017Effective Coaching in a Multinational BusinessModule offered as part of a Rotman Executive ProgramToronto, ON
May 16, 2017Career Well Being for LawyersBennett Jones LLPToronto, ON
April 7, 2017Career Transition Group for WomenWork Stress Coaching and Lianne KrakauerToronto ON
December 6, 2016Tough Conversations: Setting the Stage for Productive OutcomesCanadian Bar AssociationSolution Series (webinar)
November 9 - 10, 2016What Comes Next? How to have a Successful (and Happy) Career in the Public SectorAnnual Conference for the Association of Law Officers of the Crown (ALOC)Niagara on the Lake, ON
November 3, 2016Discover Your Leadership StyleLeadership Skills Program for Law StudentsFaculty of Law, University of Toronto
October 20 - 21, 2016Powerful Conversations at WorkAikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLPWinnipeg, MB
September 14, 2016Career Well Being and ResilienceMcMillan LLPToronto, ON
July 7, 2016Getting off to a Successful Start: Career-Well Being and Resilience in the Legal ProfessionVancouver Professional (Legal) Development NetworkVancouver, BC
June 9, 2016(Keynote Speaker) Strategies for Success: Lawyers and the Pursuit of HappinessLaw Society of Upper CanadaToronto, ON
April 15, 2016Powerful Conversations at WorkNALP (Association for Legal Professionals)Boston, MA
April 14, 2016Coaching with Intention: Know When to Hold and When to FoldNALP (Association for Legal Professionals)Boston, MA
April 6, 2016Lawyers and Personality at WorkBennett Jones LLPToronto, ON
March 1, 2016Career Paths Beyond Law PracticeYoung Women LawyersToronto, ON
Jan 27, 2016Career Resilience for LawyersBennett Jones LLPToronto, ON
Dec 4, 2015Mentor Program Community Health Leaders, Celebratory Wrap upRotman Executive Program and Toronto Central LHINToronto, ON
May 28, 2015Mentor Program Community Health Leaders:
Powerful Conversations for Career Development

Rotman Executive Program and Toronto Central LHINToronto, ON
April 23, 2015Finding Your Leadership EdgeNALP (Association for Legal Professionals)Chicago, U.S.A.
April 6, 2015Powerful Conversations at WorkTikkatoDowntown Toronto, ON
March 23, 2015Powerful Conversations for Professional OrganizersPOC Toronto ChapterToronto, ON
February 4, 2015Self-Promotion and Business Development for Women LawyersLaw Society of Upper Canada Toronto, ON
January 14, 2015Parental Leave Tips for LawyersThe Hamilton Law Association John Sopinka Courthouse, Hamilton, ON
June 12, 2014Becoming a Better LeaderCentre for the Legal Profession, Faculty of Law University of TorontoToronto, ON
April 10, 2014Powerful Conversations for Managers and LeadersNALP (Association for Legal Professionals)Seattle, WA
November 5-7, 2013Women & Leadership in the Legal ProfessionFederated PressNovotel Toronto Centre Hotel
October 18, 2013Coaching Cornucopia! Tools for Clarity & TransformationTikkatoCentre for Social Innovation Spadina, Downtown near Spadina & Dundas
September 24-25, 2013Women in TransitionCentre for the Legal ProfessionManulife Financial (200 Bloor St. E.)

Lianne has experience working with entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations.

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