Imagine reaching your career objective after many years of hard work and realizing it was not what you expected and worse it was leaving you feeling demotivated and unhappy day-after-day. That was me. Thankfully a friend referred me to Lianne and today I can say confidently that I feel motivated and happy again. Lianne’s positive, action-oriented approach created momentum in my life, and was a stepping-stone to rebuilding my motivation in my career. Her unbiased advice and methods for self-reflection enabled me to get out of the negative space I was in and identify what I needed to be happy in my career. Lianne’s practical tools, interview coaching and network of contacts opened doors and expanded my options for career development. Most importantly, I left our sessions feeling free – free from fear, free from anxiety and free to take charge of my career and life. I would highly recommend working with Lianne if you feel demotivated or unhappy in your career!