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5 11, 2021

Lawyer, 48

2021-11-05T13:31:59-04:00November 5th, 2021||

Working with Lianne was very affirming, encouraging and had an energizing effect on me, like there was new wind in my sails. After just a few sessions with Lianne, I was able to organize my thinking about where I wanted to go, and identify and take the next steps. I found a job in a completely new legal area in a new industry and am enjoying it. I believe our sessions were an essential stepping stone for me.

5 11, 2021

Lawyer, Writer, Researcher and Mom, 43

2021-11-05T13:31:04-04:00November 5th, 2021||

I expected Lianne would be helpful, but had not expected how thoroughly transformative my work with her would be. Our work on my career profile led to a new personal insight. In particular, identifying and understanding my personality type has had a profound impact on me and my self-awareness. I began to see myself, and to think about work, in a new way. I started to find my own voice and to learn how to hear it. Lianne was an unparalleled support during the most difficult time of my life. She was empathetic, non-judgmental and extremely effective at helping me [...]