This Summer, Let Yourself Grow!

“This was just a dream a year ago and now it was actually happening.”
~ Alexis Ashworth, Founder & CEO, Root in Nature

A year ago in this newsletter, I profiled one of my clients, Alexis Ashworth who had left her Executive position with a non-profit organization to launch a new social enterprise, Root in Nature.

One year later, Alexis’s personal passion has evolved into a thriving social enterprise that employs eight people. Root in Nature offers uniquely designed corporate wellness programs that connect people with the healing power of plants.

Alexis was recently profiled in a national newspaper about the trend of women changing their career trajectory to start a social enterprise: Craving a career pivot, these women launched social enterprises. Like many of my clients in recent years, Alexis and these women, decided it was time to turn their passions into more than just a hobby or personal interest. Alexis grappled with the uncertainty of whether her passion could be a viable business.

“Throughout the pandemic, I’d started turning to gardening and plants as a source of peace and relaxation to remain present,” she says. “I never considered it could be a career path.”
It takes courage, trust in yourself, and a lot of support from people who believe in you to start a business or make a significant career change.

Making a career decision based on a personal passion can seem particularly daunting. Yet, research shows time and again that professional fulfillment is far more likely when you feel personally connected to your work. This summer let yourself grow: pay attention to the activities, people and places that give you a sense of energy and well-being. Make room for the important things in your life to grow. Make room for YOU.

  • Which activities during your day are most energizing?
  • How connected do you feel to the people around you?
  • What spaces encourage your personal passions to grow?

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If you are a leader looking for an innovative summer boost to improve health and well-being in the work place, check out the Nature as an Ally Program offered by Root in Nature. Law firms take note: the Program is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for professionalism credits.


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Over the summer, I will be working reduced hours starting in July. Every client will have a back up coach from my fabulous team to ensure someone is always available for you.

Wishing you a great Summer,