Spring into action with an MBTI assessment

Get to know yourself, colleagues and clients

MBTI assessments for individuals and teams in transition

Are you struggling to articulate your unique strengths and talents? Do you find it difficult to tell your career story to potential employers? Do you have conversations with co-workers, clients or bosses that leave you wondering where you went wrong and how you could do things better next time?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a valuable tool for understanding how personality traits impact career satisfaction, decisionmaking, team play and communication. Discovering your “type” will give you meaningful information and language to talk to colleagues, bosses and potential employers (not to mention friends and spouses!) about who you are and how you can contribute successfully in any work place or team setting.

Individual and group MBTI assessments available. Individual coaching packages include an MBTI interpretation or consider a team-based assessment and workshop for groups of 4 or more.

Career Coaching Program for Women Lawyers Sponsored by the Law Society of Upper Canada

If you are a woman lawyer in sole practice or in a small firm preparing for a maternity, parental or compassionate leave, you may be eligible for 6 hours of free, confidential professional coaching. I am an approved coach on the Law Society’s Coaching Roster. To find out more and to apply, contact the LSUC directly www.lsuc.on.ca.

Coaching and Consulting

For a complimentary phone consultation, contact lianne@krakauer.ca or 647-393-4589.

Coaching is available in person at two downtown locations or by phone.

Introducing Tikkato The Art of Living Big

tikkato logoTikkato is a new collaborative initiative of career and life coaches spearheaded by my friend and co-creator Anne Carbert. Tikkato’s mission is to inspire the art of living big! We design and host creative programs that bring people together on themes related to career, health and personal growth.

Tikkato launched in February with a series for women in mid-life transition. With standing room only, participants were riveted by the stories our guests shared about how they navigated changes in their careers, health and personal lives. The evening continued with small group conversations full of heartfelt learning and a great chance to connect.

Next Career Workshop

Women in Transition: What’s the Next Chapter in Your Career Story? with Lianne Krakauer, Career Coach Tuesday May 29th, 6 to 9 p.m.

For information about other upcoming workshops and events, visit www.tikkato.ca.

Programs take place at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex, 720 Bathurst Street (near Bloor), Toronto.


a solutions focused approach to work & life transitions

Lianne Krakauer is an experienced Career Coach and Leadership Consultant who helps individuals to create more meaningful work and life experiences. Her solutions focused approach is collaborative, resultsoriented and focuses on strengths and possibilities for positive change.

Lianne also designs and facilitates workshops for work place teams. Visit www.krakauer.ca for details.

Lianne has a Bachelor of Laws and a Masters of Education (Counselling Psychology) from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario. She is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists. Lianne is also a trained yoga teacher.