Over the last eight weeks, we have all adjusted to new ways of working, living together (often in close quarters!) and staying healthy. For many of my clients, there’s the added responsibility of leading through a crisis and keeping teams engaged, often with kids underfoot.

I’ve begun to notice a shift recently, as the realization that we could be in this for a while settles in. People are starting to consider how their future working lives will change as a result – and for some, it’s not all bad.

Some of my clients are shining during this period of crisis and some are starting to prepare for recovery and rebuilding. For those that are ready to have the conversation, I am inviting them to consider what learnings and opportunities could arise as they emerge from crisis mode and shift into growth mode.

I shared my thoughts on the subject recently in an interview with Dave Veale, the founder of Vision Coaching.

I am part of a roster of amazing coaches at Vision Coaching and together we are learning how best to support leaders across different sectors and communities to navigate during this crisis and move into the post-pandemic future.

If you are a leader who wants to step into the conversation, now is the time. I am offering a brief 4 session coaching program to help you unleash your courage and prepare to rebuild and re-engage in a rapidly changing world.

Leading With Courage Through Difficult Times – the best way to get through this recovery successfully and empower your team to thrive in a post-pandemic world. To find out more about this program contact me.

To start the conversation, consider how you might answer these questions:


  • “What are you learning during this period that has allowed you to grow as a leader?”
  • “How will you support your team to stay engaged and prepare for recovery?”
  • “What do you need to begin to thrive and not just survive?”