I recently became a Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation and will be offering a group Mentor Coaching Program in 2023 to certified coaches who are renewing their credentials and coaches in training who are seeking certification for the first time.

While I have mentored many individuals over the years and even taught workshops to leaders about how to become great mentors, this is the first time I am mentoring professionals in my field. It is daunting and exciting to contribute to an increasingly diverse profession and to share what I have learned about how to bring your best in the service of your client’s growth. I also know firsthand that mentoring is a two-way street. I expect to learn from our shared experiences and conversations as well.

As I reflect on my past experiences when I have been mentored, I feel truly grateful for the professional coaches and mentors who have made a difference in my career.

One mentor stands out from my early days as a senior leader at the University of Toronto. I participated in a formal Mentor Program at U of T and was matched with a wonderful woman, Susan Addario, who was then the Director of Student Affairs. We bonded instantly over both personal and professional interests and a shared loved of good food, wine and the outdoors. Professionally, I learned so much from Susan about how to navigate leadership within a complex environment. I was able to prepare for progression into a more senior leadership role with her help and successfully led a team for several years. As a mentor, Susan’s keen insights about leadership, wise feedback about my strengths and gaps, and confidence in me made a profound difference.

Much of what I learned from Susan, and other mentors I have had over the years, has stayed with me to this day. Great mentors are like that. Their voice stays with you even when the formal relationship is over.

As I embrace a new challenge of mentoring other coaches, I fondly acknowledge the many coach-mentors who have made an impact in my career and in my life. Each one of you has made a difference.

I invite you to consider your own best mentors and how they contributed to your growth.

  • Who has been your best mentor?
  • What impact did they have on your career or life?
  • What are you looking for in your next mentor relationship. Are you ready to be a mentor yourself?

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Are you a coach looking for a mentor coach?

Free Information Session for Mentor Coaching Program 2023:
Thursday November 24th, 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST
I will be hosting a free Information Session with my Coach Associate Terri Karpish

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If you are completing your coaching training or renewing your ICF credentials in 2023, join our Group Mentor Coaching Program and obtain your 10 hours of ICF mentor coaching. Our program offers a blend of individual coaching and small group sessions, with an emphasis on collaborative, appreciative and experiential learning.

The Group Mentor Coaching Program will be led by Lianne Krakauer with support from Terri Karpish.

The next program will run in early 2023 for four months and space will be limited to 8 participants.

I am also available for individual mentor coaching starting in 2023. To learn more, please visit this link and book a complimentary introductory call online.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect.