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If you are in a career transition, seeking advancement or want to improve your leadership effectiveness, contact us to discuss how our services can support your success.



Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a proven method for accelerating professional development and becoming a better leader. Lianne has experience with leaders in small business settings, corporate environments, the public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

Career Coaching

If you are planning a career change, ready to advance to the next level, need help with job search strategies or seeking more meaningful work, coaching is a valuable way to set and achieve your goals for change.

Learning & Development

Finding time to focus on professional development can be a challenge for busy professionals, leaders and their teams. Yet we also know that in rapidly changing times, it is crucial for people to continually learn and grow.

Learning & Development

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Speaking Engagements

Lianne Krakauer is a professional certified coach and educator who delivers interactive, engaging and fun learning experiences for diverse audiences. She is as comfortable around a boardroom table as she is speaking to students, newer professionals, senior leaders and judges!

Speaking Engagements

  • Leadership Values in Action
  • Creating Strong Mentor Relationships
  • Aspiring to Leadership: A Strengths-Based Approach
  • Powerful Conversations at Work
  • Career Well Being and Resilience
  • … and more
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Career Coaching Programs
Leadership Coaching Programs

What’s New

Exploring Change & Transformation

At this time of year, the natural world presents a magical opportunity to explore the meaning of change and transformation. Living in Ontario, the autumn colours remind me that it’s time to pull out my woolen socks, hit the [...]

Starting Over at Mid-Life

According to recent reports, an increasing number of people are making significant career changes at mid-life, including resigning from jobs without another one secured.

Say less, hear more

A year ago, I facilitated a conversation with the awesome Catherine Chang on how we can make space for diverse voices to be heard in our work places. How are leaders doing one year later to foster more inclusive conversations at [...]

Are you languishing?

Last week an article on languishing in the NYTimes caught my attention. Authored by Adam Grant, a professor of management and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, he named languishing the new emotion of 2021 and referred to it [...]

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