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If you are exploring a career change, want to get better at managing the challenges of work and relationships, or ready to maximize your potential as a leader, contact us to discuss how we can support your success.

At Krakauer Coaching, we create a collaborative learning partnership that evokes self-awareness, enables change, and leads to sustainable growth. Our approach is built on a foundation of trust and respect, emphasizing the importance of using your inherent strengths to overcome challenges and bring out your best. Our coaches draw on principles of solution-focused coaching, organization and relationship systems, neuroscience and positive psychology. Through coaching, will build self-confidence, expand your skills, and achieve positive, lasting results. Read more about us here >>


Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a proven method for accelerating professional development and becoming a better leader. Our team has experience with leaders in small business settings, corporate environments, the public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

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Career Coaching

If you are planning a career change, ready to advance to the next level, need help with job search strategies or seeking more meaningful work, coaching is a valuable way to set and achieve your goals for change.

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Transition Coaching

Finding time to focus on professional development can be a challenge for busy professionals, leaders and their teams. Yet we also know that in rapidly changing times, it is crucial for people to continually learn and grow.

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Speaking & Workshops

Lianne Krakauer is a professional certified coach and educator who delivers interactive, engaging and fun learning experiences for diverse audiences. She is as comfortable around a boardroom table as she is speaking to students, newer professionals, senior leaders and judges!

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Career Coaching Programs
Leadership Coaching Programs

What’s New

Overcoming Inertia

After a wonderful restful holiday, I found myself feeling fatigued and overwhelmed at the start of the new year. The past year was jam-packed with barely enough time to catch my breath. When I finally slowed down, it was hard to get the engine going, despite the best of intentions and lots of exciting new ideas for 2023. Sound familiar?

Mentors Who Made a Difference

I recently became a Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation and will be offering a group Mentor Coaching Program in 2023 to certified coaches who are renewing their credentials and coaches in training who are seeking certification for the first time.

What’s making you uncomfortable this fall?

For me, the fall season is usually an exciting time of onboarding new clients, launching a new project, taking a class, and reconnecting with friends and family over the High Holidays and Thanksgiving.  This year, I’ve found myself resisting the usual rush of activity. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting life to just slow down.

Hello Summer

A year ago in this newsletter, I profiled one of my clients, Alexis Ashworth who had left her Executive position with a non-profit organization to launch a new social enterprise, Root in Nature.

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