We host customized group coaching programs for professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are going through a period of change and would benefit from a group experience. We carefully select participants to ensure each member is committed to achieving their goals AND to supporting the other members of the group during their journey together.

Each group program has a theme and is designed to include a diverse mix of personalities, backgrounds, professional and business interests. Programs kick off with an in person introductory meet and greet, followed by monthly zoom meetings, 1:1 accountability calls with a peer mentor, and coaching support throughout the program.

Women on the Move! is a six month coaching program for women who are ready to take charge of their professional lives and move their careers to the next level.  Topics include:

  • Strategies for growth – a strengths based approach
  • Create your vision for an ideal future
  • Develop a powerful action plan
  • Build your internal and external resources for success
  • Gain energy  and momentum through connection
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Make It Happen! Transition Coaching Group is a coaching program designed to support people who are going through a significant life change, personally or professionally. Each participant comes with a purpose and intention to take action in a specific area of their lives, and is ready to commit to their own goals and to contribute to the group learning.

Whether you are preparing for a welcome change in your life or find yourself in an uncomfortable transition period, choose to make it happen in a way that brings out your best.


Lianne Krakauer

Lianne has experience working with entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations.

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