Several of my clients are women leaders in corporate and community-based organizations, mostly women who give more than 100% of themselves every day – at work and at home. They are extremely competent and passionate leaders, driven by purpose and a commitment to serve.

During the pandemic, the familiar pressures of trying to do it all without enough resources has multiplied. Non-profit leaders are especially vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed and isolated. One client described the countless sleepless nights she has spent worrying about how her organization will survive another year and questioning her capacity to continue to serve as its leader.

The blur between work and home life has left women across sectors with even fewer boundaries than they had in place pre-Covid. According to one report, ( one in four women are contemplating downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce altogether as a result of the pandemic, and this rate increases for mothers. Senior level women are 1.5 more likely than their male counterparts to be considering leaving their positions. Almost three in four cite burnout as the main reason.

The potential loss of women leaders in all organizations is alarming.

We need to ask how can we better support women who serve as leaders in our communities?

  1. Provide a lifeline. One of my clients recently said coaching was a lifeline for her when she felt she could no longer handle everything on her plate. If you are in a position to sponsor coaching for a leader in your organization, offer a lifeline.
  2. Connect with kindness. When someone is struggling with anxiety, depression or burnout, they need connection and kindness more than anything. Support the leaders in your circle by acknowledging and listening. Don’t try to fix it or offer solutions. Just listen deeply.
  3. Help with letting go. A recurring theme with women leaders is finding a way for them to let go, delegate, set and keep boundaries, and learn to say no. Instead of asking what can I do …ask what can I let go of? One client put it this way “you can’t be everything to all people, without being everything to you first”.

Check out this TedTalk for a lived experience of how setting boundaries can save you from burnout (

If you are a leader who needs a lifeline, connection and help with letting go, please contact us to set up an introductory call.


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Welcome aboard my new coaching associate Anne Carbert

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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ~ George Eliot

Wishing everyone a happy spring. For those who celebrate Passover, Easter or Ramadan, may you and your families find a way to be together in good health and good spirits.