“Outer order contributes to inner calm” ~ Gretchen Rubin

I love this time of year. As the layers of heavy clothing come off, I start to feel lighter. I notice that even during difficult times, I can bounce back faster. It’s as if the sudden signs of natural growth give me an extra boost to overcome the everyday challenges in my professional and personal life.

The urge to purge is another common experience at this time of year! As I prepare to put away the winter boots and coats, I like to take stock. What can I let go of? What can I give away? What do I want to keep that needs care and repair to make it through another season?

Whether you are de-cluttering your closets, cleaning up the garden, or getting ready for a move, spring-cleaning can be therapeutic and support the personal or professional changes you are trying to make as well. What are you ready to purge in order to make room for growth this season?

If you are contemplating a professional change or ready to progress to the next stage in your career, consider how a spring-cleaning mindset might help you get moving. Ask yourself:

  • What can you let go of that you no longer need?
  • What can you give away?
  • What needs your care and attention to enable growth?

Regardless of the change you are preparing for this spring, it’s important to have the right tools and resources before you begin. Our team of coaches is here to help you lay a foundation for your professional spring-cleaning efforts!  Reach out for a complimentary consultation to find more.


Women in leadership positions are facing extraordinary pressures these days, particularly with the extra stresses of the pandemic.

Last month, I had the opportunity participate on an International Women’s Day panel with leadership coach Lisa Haydon and career & HR strategist Shauna Cole. This live virtual event, recorded on March 8, 2022 was moderated by Dave Veale, CEO of Vision Coaching.

We discussed some of the unique challenges for women in leadership positions and how organizations and leaders can do more to support them to thrive. There are no easy answers, but participants told us how much they appreciated the candid conversation and opportunity to learn from our shared experiences. You can watch the recording by clicking on the screen shot below:

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Wishing you a Happy Passover, Easter and Spring