“Imagine I wave a magic wand and you wake up tomorrow excited to be going to work and making enough money to enjoy your life…describe what you will be doing differently?”

This question can prompt a variety of responses. Some clients resist and describe what they don’t want rather than what they do want; some go silent; some are too stuck to imagine anything different from the current reality.

Recently, when I asked this question to a client, he immediately said, “oh, you mean what’s my astronaut job”? With permission and probing, he began to describe himself in a role where he would be a trusted advisor to a highly visible and influential politician. What at first seemed like an impossible dream, started to turn into a vision he could work towards over time. Within the first month, he had reached out to people who share his professional interests. By the end our coaching engagement he had an offer to join a consultancy where he’ll develop his research and advisory skills, and begin to build his career as a public policy “astronaut”.

Another client, a lawyer who juggles parenting responsibilities while managing a busy law practice has dreamt of being a psychotherapist for many years. After making several attempts to change things up within law, she realized she needed to take a bolder shift in direction. This year, she is planning to start a graduate program in psychotherapy with plans to eventually transition out of law altogether.

These are clients who are taking risks to follow their dreams, despite the challenges of the times. While not everyone is ready to launch a new career or head back to school, most of us benefit from creating a personal vision of what life could be like if nothing was holding us back.

Overcoming fear and limited thinking starts with imagining that a better future is possible.

If you are feeling stuck and want some help to explore your astronaut job, set a new direction, or learn how you can increase your enjoyment of work, get in touch.

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Krakauer Coaching celebrated ten years in business in 2020. I’m grateful to all of you who helped me get here – clients, associates, coach colleagues, friends and family who encouraged and supported my vision to coach leaders and professionals to be happier and more successful in their careers.

As I prepare for the next ten years, I’ve been adapting our programs and services to meet the changing needs of our clients, and the challenges of working virtually. Here are a few highlights:

  • Move to remote coaching allowed us to expand our reach to clients from across the country.
  • Built a team of diverse associates to give clients access to broader expertise. Click here to read more about us. If you are a certified coach and want to learn how you can join the team, contact lianne@krakauer.ca.
  • Launched a career transition program for lawyers. Reduced fee still in place.
  • Introduced Coaching Accountability Programs (CAP) for past clients who want to revisit goals with an accountability partner.
  • Adapted our top ten workshops for virtual platform. While presenting to large groups on zoom has been a humbling learning experience, we are learning how to engage through the screen so that audiences feel connected and energized…until we can meet again in person.

Coming Soon. Feb 11th, 11:00 – 12:00 ET

Complimentary Webinar for Leaders: Discover Your Leadership Style, hosted by Lianne Krakauer and Vision Coaching. This workshop will give participants a chance to explore how they lead and contribute to the team.

For more information about coaching programs, workshops or speaking engagements for your organization, contact us HERE.

Be happy and well.