With the current pace of change in most work places, increasing expectations for performance and more demands on our personal time, chronic stress is a reality of our time.  Burnout, fatigue, anxiety and strained relationships are among some of the common problems busy professionals are facing.  Working with a coach gives you an opportunity to build your personal toolkit for managing stress and learning to thrive.

This personalized coaching program will take you through focused discussion and activities to figure out what you need in order to thrive. Issues that are addressed in coaching include:

  • Identify your work stress triggers
  • Find your power, even in the most stressful circumstances
  • Deal with difficult people at work
  • Set personal performance metrics and measure progress
  • Manage work stress efficiently, so you can move on to other priorities
  • Plan for improving wellness at work; cultivating long-term calm and confidence in your career

What to Expect?

Coaching involves a commitment of regular one-on-one sessions (in person or over the phone) over a defined period of time. This coaching package includes:

  • Two coaching sessions per month over a three month period
  • Work Stress Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment and personalized report
  • Work Stress Workbook, with information and self-directed exercises
  • Email, phone or text support in between sessions
  • Developing a personal wellness plan with metrics to track progress