One of the positive things to come out of a difficult year has been the opportunity to engage with more people in online learning programs, coaching and discussion groups.  Even the most traditional work places and professionals have adapted to using online virtual platforms and are getting more and more creative with how to stay connected and learn.

We are also responding by adapting some of our popular coaching programs to online platforms.

New in 2020:

Career Navigator for Lawyers: Online Program for Lawyers in Career Transition

A three month self-directed program to learn how you can create a more meaningful career, one that allows you to make a living doing what you truly enjoy!  Your career is more than just your job. This program will introduce you to a strengths-based approach for clarifying what you want, navigating a career move successfully and conducting a proactive job search. It includes a variety of assessment tools, strategic advice, interactive learning and an opportunity to talk to an experienced career coach if you get stuck. REGISTER ONLINE HERE

Online Coaching Program: Women on the Move

A four month coaching program for women who are ready to take charge of their professional lives and move their careers to the next level. Hosted by Lianne Krakauer, this program is geared towards professional women who are ready for a career change but struggling to make it happen: if you want a more fulfilling career but don’t have a plan, lack the self-confidence, or unsure how to build a network of support, then this program is meant for you. It is uniquely designed for women, and led by women, so that together we can figure out what it will take to bring more meaning, purpose and joy into our working lives…and still make a living!

Coming Soon…

Online Program for Managers and Leaders: Taking Charge of Your Career

A six month program that includes self-directed learning activities plus monthly coaching sessions. Ideal for mid-senior level professionals, managers and leaders who are contemplating a bigger career shift and ready to make it happen.

Online Learning Groups for Organizations

If your team or organization wants to develop a customized and interactive online learning forum, we would love to hear from you!  Lianne works closely with a team of experienced coaches and facilitators to design and deliver hands-on and fun online learning programs for a variety of audiences.  Learning programs can be offered with a mix of in person, online group work and 1:1 or triad coaching.