Summer Special at Octopus Garden

New clients welcome this summer! Sign up for a coaching package before September and receive a 15% discount at Octopus Garden location. Sample packages:

Personality at Work

Get more out of your work and life by starting with who you are: understand how your personality impacts career choice, communication, work style, stress management and interpersonal relationships.

CareerTune Up

Prepare to take the next step in your career whether you are entering or re-entering the job market or making a mid-career change. Clarify your goals, articulate your strengths, explore options, and make a decision about what comes next.

Going Solo

Get ready to transition into your own business or start up project. Assess your strengths and address your blind spots, develop the plan and resources you will need, establish timelines and supports to make it happen.


Summer is a great time to daydream about what your future could look like. Put your daydreams into action with a little help from an inspiring book. Here are a few favourites:

Creating a Life Worth Living, Carol Lloyd

The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma

Coaching is available in person at two downtown locations or by phone.

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.
– Buddha

Coming this fall:

Writing the Next Chapter in Your Career StoryOctopus Garden logo

Are you seeking more meaningful work? Feeling stuck in your current job? Unsure how to juggle a busy career with other life commitments?

This workshop will help you to identify your unique strengths and values, build confidence in your ability to make a change, and take the first step towards a more meaningful career and life story.

Workshop will take place at the Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. Date to be confirmed. For details contact Lianne or go to

For more information about Lianne’s services, visit

Complimentary phone consultation for new clients: 647-393-4589


a solutions focused approach to work & life transitions

Lianne Krakauer is an experienced Career Coach and Leadership Consultant who helps individuals to create more meaningful work and life experiences. Her solutions focused approach is collaborative, results-oriented and focuses on strengths and possibilities for positive change. Lianne also designs and facilitates workshops for work place teams.